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Jack Canfield-Janet Switzer: The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

This book only contains a practical guide to a successful life, so the language is much more like the American bestsellers. (After the two authors American, so it's not that surprising.) Despite the fact that Jack Canfield is one of the secret teaching of the book is not the law of attraction is about, but its result is written, but still close to the ground and easy to implement tips.This is no accident, as one of America's most popular Canfield motivational trainer. You may have read it already co-written with Mark Victor Hansen Chicken Soup for the Soul and Dare to win on the books.The success of the language and principles of the Council strongly reminiscent of the last book, but here is the co-author Janet Switzer, who really only structure of the book, the manuscript editing and the book is responsible for the marketing campaign. Lenézésképpen I say all this not because marketing is probably the most important thing, because a lot of people must address book, a market research and advertising will not work without.From the title page of the book promises much, 'cause it is a long flight of stairs, at the end of a door, which opens in the blue sky and beckons me to enter it.Oh, but what happens when you enter through this door? First of all, experience the foul limit, that the possibilities are endless. You may not believe this now, and find daunting because the parents and teachers said that they prefer to strive for granted: to be a good professional and a good job, to be able to live, but really try to do anything else. Unfortunately, it does not work that way, especially in today's difficult times, so why do not your parents, your teachers are to blame, because as children they learned it.People have been led to believe even today that are mediocre, stupid or sheep, it is enough to look at a newspaper or television show. However, this is only an illusion, because each person something great and serious power and adaptive capability, especially in times of crisis reveals.Jack Canfield's book confirms this statement and can give you a lot of confidence, success is shared by others in the audience, so the book is a series of case studies are also accustomed to greet.The book describes 64 principles, which is not at all accidental. The 64-inch square of the number to 8, 8 and that's the power of success and the number of funds, which in this case are doubled. The sum of 64 and 10, however, what the numerology leegyszerűsítenek 1, which is the leadership, and the role of the leader. This number is the quality of the content is often a negative relationship in which people are afraid of the result of the leadership role they themselves as leaders, bosses do not like too much, but then forced to obey them.Of course, clearly does not lead to all groups of people, but rather by the number 1 indicates the drive own life, just like the number 8, which shows the power over their own destiny.Jack Canfield's book section is talking about it (I mean, to put it in your hands the destiny direction, and to take 100% responsibility for your life), and partly on how to cooperate with other people, and to develop a successful team in the background to help job.Of course, the most important would be to accept the first part of the book and understand the principles set out. If it takes longer, you may begin to change and the gondolkodásmódodban cselekdeteidben, which is part of the second material.Meanwhile, it is also slowly taking shape in you at all about what you want out of life, and what your goals are, and there is great hope that it can dare to cut.If you already belevágtál and do, you'll need a proper background, and the more useful human relationships, which is essential for success in practice, since it is not a solitary genre. Third and fourth part of the book shows you how to do it and what to watch out for this.I would like to dispel a misunderstanding: this book is not about how to make more money, and how to get rich, but that the choice of how to get the most out of céljaidból. Because if this fails, then money appears, after this exchange, the value of what you paid for your work. The valuable work you do, the more money you will get. Of course it is, if you bake the sandwiches Mekiben or árufeltöltőként work. In some sections of society if it is a success, but you probably want more, or do not read this post. :)So, no wonder that money is only a small part in the book, even to the fifth (five of the affluence number anyway).As part of the section is intended to teach you how to stay positive in the money, on the other hand, shows how to handle the inbound has your money, that more fialjon.Finally, the sixth section follows, which is already beginning to celebrate the success and encouragement to continue.I suggest that this rather thick books and start reading from the beginning to avoid confusion, because parts of the book gradually build on each other. If you do not have to, do not read the book in one sitting in your place, but rather give me time to understand what they read.

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John Assaraf-Murray Smith: The Answer

Surely you remember from The Secret the black-haired, exotic-looking John Assaraf, who is now in this book tells the story of his success, and he talks about how Achieve financial independence.
During the financial freedom you understand that you get out of the treadmill and do not work for money, but also vice versa. Well, I guess you can animate the idea that to be enough money each month to pay bills can easily get a good quality, can eat healthy food, and entertainment, culture can get.
These are very legitimate requests, but even if the same and in the same way you do your thing in your life, then the same result is going to get, so if you are really who you want to mix the treadmill, then another way to think and act n is a different way of life must continue. Therefore Assaraf and Smith's book is not to employees and non-employee about life, because this time the actors / directors of the target group. And now you can say that you do not want to be entrepreneurs, but also continue to work as an employee - if you have a job at all - but just want to earn more money.
The problem with this, if you want more income, then life will change in ways Automatica, that is probably more responsible will be charged to your shoulder and you'll be in contact with more people who have to sell yourself. In essence, this is the room for entrepreneurship because entrepreneurs are doing the same thing every day, but they do not exactly their boss. So, if there's anything you want to be successful, it will eventually have to become an entrepreneur.
The pair Assaraf and Smith's book shows you how to be more successful that later on in your leading an independent enterprise, are also the authors of the proposals.
The reply on the Law of Attraction is different from the other members of the series, as the books of spiritual books, and a mixture of American success, so much földközelibb.
The two authors has been an excellent relationship with each other, not only business partners but also good friends, despite the fact that two completely different worlds they represent. This is also reflected in the way the book was written: while John Assaraf and spirituality on the Law of Attraction is required, while the cégvezetésről and Murray Smith on ügyfélszerzésről of charge.
If you think that the two authors golden spoon in his mouth was, then you're wrong, because they both specifically disadvantaged in expecting John Assaraf parents of Arab immigrants who were Toronto one of the ghetto established, and the boy in the street gang known if it screws Gott, the only basketball given meaning to his life. Finally, the Re / Max real estate companies have sales (the company is also present in our country), and therefore wealthy.
Murray Smith grew up in Toronto where it soon becomes clear that learning difficulties, mild intellectual disability is therefore declared that practically meant that he did not expect much after that. At first indeed not very inspiring work done, and then ended up with a phone company, where he realized that his bosses are not much smarter than him. He has grown so from here, but also helped many companies get out of kátyúból.
Both authors talk about in more detail about his life and successes of the early parts of them, which is important because the success of the first biography to learn from the best, since they are essentially patterns, or even references.
The A somewhat different perspective on the Law of Attraction, as in previous books. Indeed, the evidence shows specifically Assaraf of psychology to the law's operation. It is understand that the book will show you how to emerge and unfold the wishes of the brain, and what brain areas responsible for bevésődésekért, for confirmation. The reply also presents briefly the functioning of the brain, as well as the difference between the conscious and the unconscious mind of. All this is very important to understand.
They understood the psychology of the hardest parts of the book, so it is worth several times nekifutnod to really come down.
Otherwise, Jose Silva Mind control is like writing in his book, and John Assaraf Agykontrollos programming method is similar to, but of course Assaraf does not mention in the book of the Silva method.
The answer, it does not tell you to go down to Alpha, you meditate, because that is not important! The bottom line is that your thoughts have frequency, which is where a high, sometimes low frequency, depending on the positive or negative direction. It is also important to understand that every action is preceded by a thought, even if it is unconscious.
Assaraf says, therefore, to not only think, but if you feel compelled to something, you can get started!
In case you do not have specific goals, you will not be disappointed with this book you will find tasks that enhance your self-awareness, which is essential to the objective. Assaraf If you answer the questions, you will see more clearly, so you might want to take time for questions.
If you already have your goal and now CEO / or sole proprietorships, and want to move forward, it is somewhat easier situation or because at least you know where you are going. In this case, the second half of the book is likely to be more important to you - that is what is written by Murray Smith - but Assaraf also gives advice to entrepreneurs under the spiritual and psychological texts.
The part is written by Murray Smith absolute spirituality does not deal only practical advice, such income plan, defining your ideal customer and finding a unique selling quotation, which evokes emotions in the prospective buyer / partner in business. All this is accompanied by a number of case studies, that the foregoing is more understandable.
Appendix at the end of the book provide further assistance to sales and marketing.

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Bob Proctor: You Were Born Rich

The author states that all people born wealthy, up to this moment for less money than it could be, but it's a temporary situation.One can easily imagine that this claim can not be accepted because it is the kispénzűek camp you belong to, but consider this: people have children when they are taught that wealth equals a lot of money we make and the things that this much money could be account. He also taught the people that the money does not come easily, it must be hard for him to work, and the rich fraudulently acquired their wealth, and so on.In previous books on the Law of Attraction exactly dispel these beliefs, so Bob Proctor's book is not going so deep into these, but rather gives an extract resulting from the law of attraction.It is true that this book deals primarily with the money, but the financial issues overlap with other areas of your life, so it is not a reason for lack of money, but also the consequences.The lack of money always shows you the rest of your life is in turmoil. In this time of crisis, commonly referred to, and it is true, the old usual social patterns start to disappear, but it will take some time before new patterns emerge. This phenomenon is due to the increasing lack of job security these days, because many people are not aware of any changes.Exactly at this time with the right attitude is very important, because in this case the size of the crisis can not cause wounds, and may end sooner.That is why Bob Proctor's book not only shows you how to attract more money, but about the law of attraction on the operation and performance of an increase, to be effective in all that you do.So not only is it to imagine, and wait for the riches, but also to do something for it, and act.The book described procedures (imagination enhancement, or remission of duty and God bízása the past existence is complete and sound risk-taking) is not only the money to increase use it, but more or accomplishing well, as the book described methods strong overlap of Attraction Law of. In fact, the author presents a chapter of the last operation of the law of attraction, as it has all the pertinent book is already accustomed.Specific financial advice you will find in the book, for example. What should I do if there is debt-how to sort them (many of these people are), or you can talk about money in general, the nature of what it is.The main idea of ​​the book once it reads the first part of "the people to love, the money will be used." Many people are doing just the opposite, so too could develop as many negative vibrations about the money. However, if you do not like the money, he will not be happy to arrive to you, rather hurriedly leaves. So Bob says to rotate the money, channeled, otherwise beposhad, worthless.Otherwise, it is not only a remarkable thought of him, because as kockázatnövelésről borotvaélről on parts and also contain more of these.It is no coincidence that Bob Proc Tort people keep thinking the Grand Master, who has his own book, and recounts the experiences of others. After more than 25 years in the business, we have to report on what I believe.

Joe Vitale: The Key

About Joe Vitale's previous book The Attractor Factor I have promised at the end of the blog that I'm going to write this book. Well, lo! The Attraction Factor by Joe Vitale book invented by a five-step process of creating awareness was presented with the third step is to clear the subconscious mind any negative or beidegződéstől block. While this does not come as much in The Attractor Factor place until the key book was written precisely for this purpose.Joe Vitale writes in Attractor Factor to split the first time I know what you want and what you do not, then comes the cleaning of the subconscious, the idea of ​​something desired, then the action. The book is the first part of the operation of the law of attraction shows these steps will be involved.The first part of the book presents things about the Law of Attraction, which you already know if you read the Secret, and the couple's books Hicks, Joe is just another aspect of the topic presented in these basic skills required.Meanwhile, we also share a great interest doing, how it ran virtually from one day to another, and how to heal a tumor disease, which can go up to it could have been. All this is again the law of attraction, and the deletion of negative subconscious programs have helped him in the first place.Despite the fact that the first part of the book is reflected in the secret material and Vonzásfaktorból, the author has communicated new knowledge.One of the new things is that the seemingly negative events not intentionally attract to ourselves, but subconsciously, because the law of attraction is always resonates deep down in your subconscious what you think. (In fact, the universe does not recognize the positive and negative terms, he just resonates with what a person radiates herself. Whether what is good and bad, but the people found out.) Of the Universe is not it will respond to you as confirmation mantrázol, it is not something you just want to superficially.It is what is in the subconscious, is not always easy to detect, because it is removed from all kinds of experiences there, which had long since forgotten on the surface, but deep down it just directs your life.These ideas should be explored, followed by defuse the methods described in the second part.What is also new is that the universe just give you what you think you deserve the depths of the mind. Sooner or later, because you begin to set limits for yourself, even after a series of lucky because I was raised somewhere in you that no good can not last forever, and the bad happens, come the obstacles. Once you subconsciously expect this, it is really coming to the threshold. This brings us back to the previous point, ie, the negative subconscious programs that are to be cleaned.These cleaning methods deal with the second part of the book, in which a total of 10 items in such a method. In fact, they are certainly not new, you're probably one of them, have you met másikukkal, but the book is now in one place find them.What we can do in our country is a new thing, the ho'oponopono ancient spiritual system that comes from the island of Hawaii, Joe Vitale, and which has long been engaged. Well, not the whole system is presented in the author of the book, but only one or two alapmantrát by mondogathatsz courage, especially if you really believe in it wholeheartedly. That is the "I love you!" and "I'm sorry!" chapter of the book.If you are more interested in the method, you can also look for a book called Ho'oponopono from Joe. Anyway, if you read Joe Vitale's earlier book, The Attractor Factor, I have already written about this method.There was also the word for living in the present Attractor Factor beliefs changed, or when Neville - methods for different scenarios.The 10-cleaning method described in the Attractor Factor like Joe Vitale woven into its own again, and the experience of the customers mondandójába, in a word anekdotázva teaches.The key is also part of a bonus at the very end of the book, and this explains the basics emotional freedom, that talks about exactly what is it, and how you can determine whether you really are free of negative influences.17 In this section you will find a practice which semlegesíthetsz all kinds of unwanted feelings, and programs. These are all simple meditation exercises, which you can observe and identify your feelings, then it gets easier to handle.I think the key is a standard work, which is worth to purchase, manage to be able to finally come true really what you want.

Joe Vitale: The Attractor Factor - attract anything in five steps

Joe Vitale is the most active players in the book The Secret: he wrote many books and conferences have been held, and an ancient Hawaiian spiritual system, ho'oponopono also deals also wrote a book about it, which is also published in English. Then I'm going to write about it, I promise.If you read the biographies of the actors in secret, then surely you remember Joe's photo of a bald-headed, black-eyed smiling gentleman dressed in black. Perhaps some of you thought that the dress is very similar to a priest's cassock. Well, not just like that, but it really cassock, as Joe ordained priest may preach so well. Is such a versatile man.The marketing experts already occupation, which has long combined the spiritual teachings, specifically ever since he read a couple Hicks Ask and it shall be given his book.Joe Vitale has been homeless for a long time he lived and maintained his store from stealing (even talking about it in this book), until he learned to change his mind, and thus the fate of the right is reversible.What is that you can get from the book exactly? First, it is very much the same, which is Hicks and Rhonda Byrne couple also described, but Joe looks different perspective on them, and express them differently. The law of attraction is always the same in all of the basics about the book, up to the authors to make their own and their clients' experiences, because these can be a lot to learn.Joe Vitale did the same: part of yourself speaking part of those who helped, and even the book itself is testimony begins with Joe.Joe may tell you that he is a man who day in and miracles happen. This is because he has reached a level of vibration that can easily take everything and nothing and no one do not mind, but rather giving thanks for what they have got. All this you can or if you let go of the existing hitrendszeredet, though I admit it will not be an easy task, but Joe also managed.The book launch was a grateful thank-you letters in which people tell their own experiences with each book, followed by the only real content.Before getting to the author of the five steps are described, reveals two secrets: one of the secrets of how to attract more money for yourself and the other is how to redeem your desires come true in a short period of time.These two things are the same for all employees either admits or denies it. Joe, however, is quite surprising answers to these two questions, ones which did not even think about it.When we met in the Law of Attraction, you learned to create a three-step process. Joe Vitale's book, however, these steps are supplemented to 5.All these five steps will increase your awareness and help you get away for a quantum leap in the current vibration and oscillation between the desired thing.In essence, this is much the same as the five steps described by Mr and Mrs Hicks, but Vitale formulation is not as concentrated, moreover, the author writes that strongly motivated, so you'll feel compelled to change your thoughts and actions. The latter is not away with, as Joe encourages us to do, something incredible things, things I had not dared.In the book, there are very simple exercises that help target and visualization, which are also part of the five steps. Do not be afraid of them, just write up your goals, what you really want. Of course, this is the usual excuse to come, I do not know what I want out of life, but Joe says there is none, because everyone knows in his heart that what I'm up to smothered. The author is also a great way to handle objections and complaints raised by this new way of looking at connection points.What is interesting, according to Joe Vitale thoroughly clean energy deposited inside the system unit from, because they inhibit the operation of the law of attraction. As many of the purification method also exists in which the author describes in his book key. Soon I will write about, endure it with me!

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Rhonda Byrne: The Power - continuation of The Secret

There are books that are filled with smiles and timber classes are exhausted, tired body, at least, had that effect on me of this book is a continuation. If you feel the same way the other is not coincidental, but the author, Rhonda Byrne's, to whom it was specifically designed for: to please the people and convince them how great things can. This book is essentially the same mission as the Secret is, but this time the author is not talking about the Law of Attraction, but about the strength that moves all the phenomena.The secret has been said about anything that you think about the world, its people, or any thing, you're will be a happening in and you'll attract into your life as the way you think your heart is. Any strange, but it is true love, which is then used to create things in your life. Religions are the same phenomenon is called free will that God has given every man, because she loves them.The Power is outwardly very similar to the secret is just beautiful artwork of the previous day become a dark brown color, instead of people to see how cheerful and happy things will be about. The Force is not an organic continuation of the Secret, is not a problem if you have not read any of the previous book.

The same author, in essence tell a somewhat different perspective of what the previous book, only this time not just in the previous book, Millionaire guest host. Instead, however, marginal note in the book is decorated with quotes like authors such as Charles F. Haan, Prentice Mulford, Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, or Neville Goodard.The volume also covers all aspects of life as a secret, be it health, work, relationships, and human relations.Reading the book reveals that the title, no other power than is Love, whose power is infinite and immense. A lot of misconceptions about love in humans evolved, and the banal thing sunk thousands of years, not to mention that is very worthwhile.Rhonda Byrne's book says that you love the people here on Earth as a living, it really is not! True Love is 100% acceptable, and no blame, tease, aggressive, arguing, arrange smart. The latter is very much a feature of human behavior. Of course, one man can make these bad intentions, just copy the patterns from their parents what they saw.The strength of the creation process through the love from the perspective presented, so longed for things to like to be, that is to be increased uptake of the vibrations you to receive, or in other words, you need to increase the vibration you the desired thing is the direction that we get.The universe is vibrating in all, even the human, which means that everything has an aura, or a magnetic field, which is created through the attraction.Actually, this phenomenon has been described in the books of Mr and Mrs Hicks, item-though not in these words, which means that Rhonda Byrne stole from them the teachings of Abraham, little has changed, and they continue to think, and you're ready to become a book. Rhonda Byrne in favor of what to write is that he wishes to speak to the masses, not just the esoteric faithful, thus describes the process of creation and the Law of Attraction, as if something very simple thing. In fact, of course, just so we too must take place for all people, and you have to work hard for everything they taught it, and the question comes to mind not because they have heard from people in our childhood, who are smarter, we were more experienced.The Power's teachings against going with all this, and say that creation is very simple process that the above mentioned love binds, so if you constantly think about what you love, talk about what you love, you do what you love, and grateful for those of things, you have got amide, the vibrating will increase, and this condition will help attract good events, while the continuous draw off a bad mood and take down.The Power is essentially the same lesson as the Secret: emotions and thoughts can be changed after you are able to dominate them. Of course, there are thought patterns, beliefs, beliefs that change takes time, because there are so deeply rooted, but nothing is impossible. The Force aims to rádöbbentse the man that not only one path exists, and there are no limits, because it is only you that I create. So the book shows a different way of life, towards the Conscious Creation.I say it's a lifestyle, as if conscious Teremtővé you become, you're not going to live like other people who are not aware of this possibility, and continues to be an unfortunate victim think they are a citizen about anything they can do.The Power recognizes that all beginnings are difficult, as it is that negative emotions anyone can occur, and the negative environment is an obstacle, but the author recommends that you do not worry about these negative feelings, because if attention you give them, you continue to grow, and you're trapped.The book is an important consideration to the imagination, because this is the fastest way to access your desires. The more realistic it is to imagine what you desire, and the more good feeling and enthusiasm towards the táplálsz specimens, the sooner will be yours. The book also proposes a number of practices, how to play the képzelőerőddel, but they are all very simple, so it does not rise to go down to Alpha, to nowhere, just play like children.Despite the fact that the book overlaps with a number of similar books (eg Mr and Mrs Hicks, Eckhart Tolle, Richard Webster) I think is really good book, so you might want to think about the content and re-read from time to time, to process the unread ones, because it can be to live.

Rhonda Byrne: The Secret - the most popular spiritual book

Rhonda Byrne's book published ever since, especially since the Law of Attraction has become the fashion to speak, and not a few similar-themed books on the market, so the book is a new movement started within the esoteric. Many people have written comments, references to the secret, so it's time that I have to earn her line.Rhonda Byrne's book was introduced to it, as if something sensational new book say about it, but it's actually not true, because the Law of Attraction actually know several thousand years ago, but only a certain group of people he knew so far in history. They are mostly scientists, inventors, statesmen, artists were, but the average people, this knowledge is no longer able to reach it, so they were able to take their destiny in their hands either. The Secret familiar but never called as a child, that is not mentioned in the Law of Attraction, the universe did not just live according to spiritual laws. (Otherwise, the book also included a teacher who has long since died, such as. Prentice Mulford, Charles Haan, Genevieve Behrend, and Robert Collier Wallace Wattles).The real big change in this area of ​​the XX. At the end of the century began, because then more people started to turn toward the esoteric. The Law of Attraction books have now been married to Hicks and Barbel Mohr courtesy, but these books are not received as much publicity, so they are especially familiar with these books to those interested in the esoteric. The Secret, however, as advertised, even those that have heard about it, who are not really interested. In fact, many people began to influence the secret esoteric, spirituality to deal with because they are so enthusiastic in the subject. Rhonda Byrne's book is new is that this ancient knowledge to send to as many people as is now the modern era is not that hard, thanks to the variety of medium.

The Secret, the book is actually a co-production, which Rhonda Byrne, author's name runs, but the writer woman was intended to be a well-known people szólaltasson the book columns, who has long been known and used by the Secret, is a role model can be for people.
 To better distinguish between the texts, the ones written by Rhonda Byrne normal letters, while the ones written by guests picked italics.

The Secret Life itself covers all areas, including human relationships, health, work and money, but the book is often mentioned only in generalities. The secret is to argue that the law of attraction is a very simple thing, just ask, believe it and accept it, and your things. This is not only positive, but with reversed sign, which means that not only can attract good things into our lives, but the bad ones. Of course no one wants to deliberately difficulties in her life, but they still occur, such as poverty, wars, natural disasters, lack of job security. This is because the people and the universe does not communicate the same way, a lot of misunderstandings which may arise, but this book is explained in more detail.

Despite the fact that the Secret is primarily a theoretical work, because it has a couple of practice by which you can improve your mood, you might notice your environment will be.

One suggestion is to plan your progress throughout your day so that all good things happen to you. The tiny little annoyances is really poison your day. The other method is to give thanks, and thank you for everything you get with the Világegyetemtől because it can help to the development of bőségérzeted.

The Secret guest actors have even suggested that the more detail you imagine what you desire, but I imagine that it is already yours!

Rhonda Byrne's secret is primarily the task of showing an alternative, another way of life that can no lo so living, as described in the book.

The Secret is the great lesson that the thoughts and feelings change every moment, because the power to decide whether to respond to a situation in which the experiences shown. These situations is basically neutral, as is the law of attraction, so that man is always dependent on the orientation. After that your fate you can change little by little, nice, and you can leave the victim role, where you feel good anyway.

 Everyone has a good creation, and a pleasant experience and I wish you much pleasure!