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Jerry and Esther Hicks: Ask and its given: Learning to manifest your desires

Law of Attraction The Secret Rhonda Byrne's book after they started to talk about primarily because the book was good advertising. From this point the line will appear in secret, spiritual teachers and Millionaires success books in Hungarian as well. All well and good, but just two major players left out of the book, namely the couple Hicks, Esther and Jerry. They are important, because long before they started to talk and write to the Law of Attraction, Rhonda Byrne, like, in addition to his books is much more detailed and practical examples are presented, as a secret, but I have received much less publicity ... 
The book is all about that one entity called the Abraham Hicks speaks of married couples through the laws of the universe, which we forgot during our life on earth. It would be important in these regularities know, because we are part of the universe, so these laws also apply to us. Therefore, it is written in this book is to point out who we really are, which is important because we are much more of a physical body.This two-part book is the first part of this section dissects the subject, that is the Real Thing To your notes again and universal laws that are becoming the forgotten man, although this may still have some vague memories of these things. (For example, I have always had these flashes, but previously did not understand all this.)The first part of Chapter 22 describes in some detail the operation of the Law of Attraction, so you know how it works in reality the process of creation. At first it is very simple: 1 requested, second respond to this in some form in the Universe, 3rd you agree that you desire.The request is usually not a problem, because everybody wants something, but I no longer know that the Universe is always responding to requests and ideas, because many people are not aware of how to communicate with the universe. Is not that the way we humans communicate with each other here on Earth.The Universe is primarily inspirations, megérzéseken to communicate, and left open a number of options, so it always takes place in a multi-dimensional communication.In contrast, the human communication is always linear, that is, everyone expects to be told exactly what to do, because the straight talk of straightforward. The two first communication system is hard to reconcile, but this book you will learn for sure.Abraham says that the creation and the universe is the most important directive is to communicate what you feel. Mondogathatsz any positive reinforcement for yourself 100 times a day even if you do not believe in your heart in it. In vain would you want a lot of money if the money szócskára waves inundate some negative feelings, it will be difficult to go because you resist. All this is true for any process of creating more room, so you may want to examine your feelings on the subject, at least according to the book.This book serves the 22nd in Chapter 22-step scale, which means you can establish that at the moment how you feel. The good news is that emotional state is changed, the methods of this book is to present practices.These vibration-lifting exercises give the second part of the book, from which also has 22 pieces. This is not accidental, since the master number 22, which represents the Universal Love. The practice is not at all difficult, not to visualize anything, because these practices are more games, so do not take them seriously. Maybe some exercise, you feel resistance, in which case you should not force the kipróbálásukat.Before you start any practical importance to establish the emotional beállítottságodat the previous section described an emotional scale, in order to find out more effectively carry out the vibration-raising process. If it is very depressed and emotional state, you will not be able immediately to avoid a euphoric state because of the vibration is the difference between too much and therefore will not succeed. But small steps can be avoided to the maximum emotion kátyúból well. That is why Jerry and Esther at the beginning of every practice, show you how the exercises should be performed if emotional preferences.It is worth the book very slowly, and repeatedly read that átjöjjön to say, at a time because if you read it in one sitting in your place, you're too much, too concentrated on the content may seem.Finally a few words about the author can request a hearing because they deserve it. Jerry and Esther Hicks is an ordinary American couple who have an average civilian life lived with children (and now grandchildren as well), only so much there was a difference between them and ordinary people that their marriage is unusually harmonious been all along, particularly with quarrels and conflicts were not between , which is definitely noticeable.Only serious conflict between them was only Jerry has always sought answers to the meaning of life, and that is why he is here on Earth, it soon turned to spirituality. Esther was explicitly contrary to the spirituality and the occult from school, and there was a deeply religious man.The radical change in their lives brought to a medium from their town, whom he could ask, and from Jerry quite elated. Finally persuaded Esther to go to the meeting, and they can ask questions. Then it turned out that they, too, media (especially Esther), and were advised to meditate in a quarter of an hour every day. I took his advice, and then logged through Esther Abraham, the spiritual leader. Abraham named the entity is actually a group of high vibration of consciousness, with the aim of broadening the range of human vision, and helps to find people of real beings.Hicks married since 1989 more than 600 publications on moving to Abraham, which not only books, but audio recordings and videos can be included.The Ask and it shall be given! book has been written on the continuation of it soon, I explain.

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